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To obtain a free initial e-mail consultation with Attorney Edward Weiner, simply fill out the form below and submit it to us.  Make sure you provide us with as much detail and be as precise as possible about your US immigration plans to allow Attorney Weiner to begin assessing your individual situation and (possible) visa solutions.  Providing you with this e-mail consultation free of charge will enable Attorney Weiner to begin considering a course of action that takes into consideration your best interests in realizing your US immigration plans. 
Given the complexity of US immigration law, however, some cases are far too complicated to address through a simple e-mail consultation.
If you’re just looking for general information on US visas or US immigration news and policy, be sure to check our Visa Portal, our FAQ page, as well as the other interactive services offered through our website.    

If after this first consultation you are interested in further discussing your case with Attorney Weiner you can then arrange for a second, paying consultation with him in person or by telephone.  The consultation fee is credited to your account when you retain Attorney Weiner’s services within 2 weeks of your consultation. 
Also if you’re so interested, as part of a paid phone consultation, our office will prepare your application for the Green Card Lottery at no additional cost.

If you prefer, you can also arrange directly for a paying phone or in person consultation.
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