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As an attorney licensed by the state of Massachusetts, my law practice has focused exclusively on US immigration law since 1999.  After serving as a staff attorney for 4 years with Catholic Charities Immigration Department in Boston, I opened my own office in Boston in 2003, which has now become an ever-growing international practice.
An International Dimension

Having spent an extensive period of time in Europe and collaborated with a French law firm based in Paris, I am familiar with many of the requirements and needs of potential immigrants and foreign-based clients. 

For many years I have been working in close contact with Cabinet Langer- Netter-Adler , based in Paris. Thanks to them I am able to meet with my French clients  whenever I travel through Paris at their Law Offices located avenue de Breteuil.

Since 2003 I have collaborated with the Maison des Fran├žais de l’Etranger, a department within the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, providing advice to French and other foreign nationals on US immigration law. 
In 2008 that collaboration extended to the Union des Fran├žais de l’Etranger
Attorney Edward Weiner : A biography
A Brief History
Following increasing success and demand we started new operations out of New Jersey.
A few dates
Immigration USA was launched as a solo practice specializing in US immigration law in Boston.
Some References
I am a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) – the preeminent association for US immigration attorneys – and the French American Chamber of Commerce.

My practice also encompasses mentoring other attorneys on US immigration law, and I have appeared in numerous foreign press outlets, including Radio France Internationale (RFI) and Jobboom magazine.

Our Unique Approach to your Case
As a solo practitioner, I see it as my duty to review each case individually so as to ensure maximum efficiency and to maintain the high quality of legal services that our clients have come to appreciate.

We take great pride in offering our clients COMPLETE VISA PROCESSING. When you entrust us with your visa application, we accompany you 100% of the way, through all the various stages of visa processing, and until your arrival in the US.…

We serve our clients in the US and all over the world
As US immigration law is governed by federal law – meaning it’s the same throughout the entire US –  with services now based out of Boston and New Jersey, our law office is ready to assist you whatever your immigration plans may be and wherever you may be based.  We assist and represent both businesses and individuals.

Over the years our clients have come to include the entire range of businesses and employers, from both large and small multinational companies transferring personnel or establishing a presence in the US to universities hiring professors and other highly-qualified personnel to individual investors starting a business in the US.  We also work with foreign companies wishing to send their employees on short and long-term missions to the US, and individual professionals and artists pursuing their careers in the US. 

On the family side, we have helped many US citizens in sponsoring their spouses for green cards as well as other US citizens and permanent residents in sponsoring their family members.

We are also able to provide assistance on less-common types of applications, such as waiver applications for individuals who have been found ineligible for a visa or who have previously removed or deported.

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